02. Fruits and Seeds

The fruits of Mucuna bracteata are green pods covered with brown hairs. Matured pods are golden brown to black containing four to six seeds. The dried fruits break open and disperse the seeds. The seeds size and color differ up on the strain and the locality of plant growth. One strain collected from dry area are black and barrel shaped weighing up to 100 mg per seed. Another strain is brown coloured. The length of which is comparatively more weighing 150 to 180 mg per seed. The latter seeds are much preferred by planters. Irrespective of the seed strains the pods collected from South India are big and black in color. The seeds have thick seed coat and impermeable for water. They germinate when they are subjected to recommended  pre-treatment.

The viability of good Mucuna bracteata seeds is more than 3 years even if they are subjected to strong sun and rain. Few immature seeds germinate, if they are kept in moist condition even if they are not subjected to pretreatment and the percentage of germination is poor