03. Seed Selection

Big seeds of Mucuna bracteata are more viable. Good viability and germination are of paramount importance for a complete growth of plants in the field. Mucuna bracteata seeds have sufficient vitality to complete the process of germination. The embryo of big seeds have the ability to grow until the little seedling has green leaves above ground ready to carry on the process of photosynthesis and little roots are in contact with the soil ready to take moisture and nutrients. As the seeds are small or malformed the vigor is reduced and growth of the plants is not satisfactory.
While purchasing seeds they are to be purchased from reputed sellers and the seeds must be big and brown. Otherwise it is not cost effective. Size and weight of 100 seeds are to be examined. The weight of 100 seeds of good quality is above 18 grams and the germination percentage is in the range of 80 to 90%. Partially matured seeds are shrunken  and has only 40-50% germination.