02. Preparation of planting beds

One cover crop plant for each tree is the principle adopted. Planting pits of 30 X 30X30 cm  size is to be prepared and added with rock phosphate for each pit. Before sowing the treated seeds are soaked in water for 6 hours, and drained water. The seeds are placed in two layers of wet gunny bags for germination. Germination of acid treated seeds is 60 to 65 %. Rest of the seeds can also be used for sowing. These seeds germinate slowly. if there is unfavourable condition for the establishment of germinated  seeds they may dry and under the favourable season those seeds which are not showing germination will germinate and there will not be any vacancy. The same practice can be  adopted while sowing in polythene pouches. Generally planting of Mucuna bracteata is carried out  immediately after clearing forest area or felling of trees of old plantation in the case of replanting one year before planting main crop.